August 24–26th — Chicago, IL


The conference opens with amazing workshops and continues with two days of incredible talks and keynotes, all of which are facilitated by industry-leading experts.

Workshops August 24th

Adam Connor

Lights! Camera! Interaction! Design Inspiration from Filmmakers

Jennifer Jones

What Designers Can Learn from Parenting

Tessa Harmon

Crafty Coding: Generating Knitting Patterns

Russ Unger

From Muppets to Mastery: Core UX Principles from Mr. Jim Henson
Conference August 25th

Vitaly Friedman

Responsive Web Design: Clever Tips and Techniques
Morning Break

Shay Howe

Less is More: How Constraints Cultivate Growth

Jenn Downs

What’s Stopping You?

Carolyn Chandler

The Business of Play

Chris Mills

Heavy Metal Coding

Zoe Mickley Gillenwater

Leveling Up with Flexbox

Darby Frey

Building a Mobile Layout

Brad Smith

What Designers and Strategists Can Learn from Dick Fosbury

Erica Decker

What Disney Can Teach You about User Experience Design
Afternoon Break

Estelle Weyl

Select This!
Conference August 26th

Aaron Irizarry

Designing a Culture of Design
Morning Break

Jen Myers

Teaching Our CSS to Play Nice

AJ Self

(You Should Be) Testing Your JavaScript

Dan Denney

Creating HTML Emails Can Be Fun

Maya Bruck

So You Want to Be a Unicorn

Victoria Pater

Excellent Tacos Are Not Created in a Vacuum

Arman Ghosh

Designing Deals: How Good Design Drives Sales

Bermon Painter

Death to Wireframes: Long Live Rapid Prototyping

Candi Lemoine

Making Remote Development Work
Afternoon Break

Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman

Designing to Learn